Waterways Boating Safaris

Go on a thrilling ride through the Malborough Sounds on the water with Waterways!

You can experience the thrill of commandeering your own boat through the waters of the Marlborough Sounds. Waterways will help you to quickly and easily learn to drive a boat as a first timer. The qualified guide will give you full boat and safety instructions and you will soon set off gliding across the water to explore the many bays and hidden coves of the Marlborough Sounds coastline. As you drive your boat, your guide will be closeby with you to show you all the secret treasures that the Malborough Coasts hides and make sure that you stay safe on your journey.

If driving a boat is not your thing, you have other options such as the Picton Cruise Ship Tour. You will get to take some time to enjoy the peace and tranquility. Perfect for those who want to get up close with nature and get the camera out to capture those amazing views.

If you are interested in taking a boat safari, talk to us today!